About us

About Us

An ideal partner for your community interpretation

Setting off with the intention of simplifying community interpretation for you.

Our Mission

Hassle-free access

Breaking down barriers based on language and culture is the target of community interpreting. But getting hold of an interpreter quickly and reliably in a variety of situations is a difficulty.

We wish to enable people to seamlessly interact with each other at any time, despite the challenges posed by differences in language, culture, and location. By facilitating an efficient and comprehensive communication style, this is accomplished by matching them with the most appropriate interpreter.

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Our Services

Shabda at a glance

Technical Partner

  • Creation of technology for managing the interpretation process with cutting-edge gear
  • Collaborate actively with local interpretation providers to make interpreters more accessible to their clients.

Interpreting Agency

  • With the help of our partners, we have an extensive base of qualified community interpreters.
  • We offer interpreters customized guidance and continuous training.
  • Shabda's technical solutions let numerous interpreters organize their schedules and provide their services.

We serve as a Platform

  • Many experts in the fields of health, education, social work, law, and asylum utilize our platform on a daily basis to schedule interpreters.
  • We provide accurate and effective interpretation management.
Essence embodied

Logo Concept

The Shabda logo embodies the essence of communication and connection. In a vibrant shade of red, representing passion and vitality, an elegant oval shape forms the backdrop. This oval shape, reminiscent of a microphone used in podcasts, symbolizes the power of voice and dialogue. Inside this oval, two dialogue boxes seamlessly merge, forming an 's' shape. This design not only signifies the act of conversation but also represents inclusivity and collaboration, bringing people together across language barriers. At the heart of this composition, a plus icon emerges, paying homage to Switzerland, a country known for its neutrality and bridging gaps. The plus sign embodies unity and partnership, underlining Shabda's commitment to breaking down language barriers and fostering understanding among diverse cultures.