Our interpreters


A bunch of highly qualified multilingual professionals with domain expertise, trained to perfection, are here to your aid.


Facilitates translation services in major languages, including Pashto, Dari, Urdu, Hindi and English. Hoping to eventually widen the existing horizons by adding more to the list.

Excellence Guaranteed

Our interpreters are put through a series of extended selection processes. They are then taught to bring forth their best qualities.

Shabda constantly wants the interpreting process to be worthwhile for the clients as well as the interpreters.

The concept of a community interpreter holds great significance for Switzerland in its current scenario. Recognising this, Shabda has provided this platform to help the community with their language problems.

To help them become specialists in their field, the interpreters receive specialized training. They become proficient in effective community interpretation after receiving exposure to it. For interpreters to connect with other professionals and specialists, Shabda arranges supervision and intervision sessions. This is an opportunity for interpreters to talk about different situations and problems while also sharing their own observations.

Sessions are now digitally scheduled by means of contemporary technology, saving users and interpreters time and effort. Shabda becomes a user-friendly platform for clients and interpreters alike with the help of such technologies.

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