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Leglooms is a Bangalore based, trousers-centric brand established in 2005 that is now bringing its tried-and-tested approach to the South Indian market. Since our inception, Leglooms is engaged in Manufacturing and Wholesaling a wide range of men's wear across the South India.

Our products range includes Jeans and Trousers. We manufacture our products with superior quality materials that are tested for their durability and reliability. Products offered by us are comfortable that provides excellent service to the customers.

Today, LEGLOOMS offer some of the finest and most comfortable clothes in the field, and also offer an exceptional range of bespoke trousers and jeans which are crafted exactly to the wearer's dimensions to provide that extra level of comfort. Crafted from the finest quality materials, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more refined and stylish garment than day trousers from Leglooms.

Leglooms Trousers are available at the topnotch showrooms of Middle-East, South India and an international expansion seems to be on its way

The Making

It's rare to find a bastion of style and sartorial elegance but, when you do, it's important to cherish it and take advantage of the wears.

It's not until you have worn a bespoke item of clothing that you realize just how much more comfortable it is lamentable that so many of you have grown so far too accustomed to low quality, high quantity clothing from high street stores when you should be relying on high quality tailoring such as that which is on offer from Leglooms.

It's simple: to make the best you have to start with the best. That's why we source the finest materials we can find to create our clothing; just as we do for our trousers.

Craftsmanship at Leglooms means hands-on attention to every step in the process. We give special attention to the details and the excellence is there in the output. This appreciation for the details doesn't go unnoticed; its quality you can see, feel and touch in everything we create.

It's hard work measuring up to more than a decade of making some of the finest men's trousers. By sticking to our core values, the results are familiar – quality that endures.

You don't stay in business for nearly a century by following the crowd. This becomes especially true when making something as pervasive as the old-fashioned itself. That's why we create new patterns and always search for new styles. It's also the reason we've chosen to work with tailors who specialize in custom attire. Their attention to the details matches ours and their skilled craftsmanship presents itself in quality, stylish trousers that fit perfectly.

Great design isn't just about appearances. It goes deeper than that and when it comes to creating Leglooms trousers, we do the same. When choosing for the materials for the new line of trousers and jeans we strive hard to reach in for the high quality materials seen in the market. This desire to only use the best of the best carries over to design. While crafting the design into each piece of clothing, we give special attention to details so that those looking closely will understand that the maker and wearer share a common bond: high standards.

New Collections

Men now want something a little more classic, something very elegant, very refined, something that is a little bit more timeless

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